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Arrangements of Air Tickets

Are you having trouble with something?

For business trips

We will guide you to the best plans for business travellers and enterprise managers.

We have received favorable reviews from many company clients for our consultation services on cost reduction and emergency response.

For job relocation

We provide service for you and your family’s travel to the destination of your new appointment.

We can make arrangements not only for you and your family to travel together, but also for your family to travel alone with peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

For group travel

Based on our experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, such as overseas inspections, employee training overseas, and employee trips, we provide high-quality travel services that meet your needs.

Contract procedures

We'll help you proceed in 5 steps.


Contact us

Please contact us via the “Inquiry form” or make a phone call in advance.

Free suggestions / quotations

We will also explain in detail about the ticketing deadline, conditions for alteration, cancellation of the tickets, etc.

Final confirmation

We will contact you for a final confirmation before the ticketing deadline.


Please send us your payment statement and we will officially arrange for your ticket. 
※Click here for payment options.

Air ticket delivery

I will send you the E-ticket with the invoice and receipt.

※You can contact us for changing of the schedule and other issues.

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Air Ticket