1.How to apply

Please apply by using this web system, e-mail, or fax.

The person in charge will contact you regarding the availability of reservations and fees. When we can confirm the contents and charges with us, we will process it as a formal reservation.

(Although we accept applications by phone, please be sure to send us an e-mail or fax with the application details after you apply to prevent mistakes.)

2.Confirmation of reservation

At the time of booking, our staff will inform you of the confirmation deadline and payment deadline.

If we do not confirm your payment by the deadline, we may cancel your reservation without notice.
Please check here for payment.


3.Cancellation charge

(1) In principle, no cancellation fee is required for changes or cancellations before the ticket is issued.
However, some promotional tickets may be issued much earlier. After issuing the ticket, the specified cancellation fee is required for cancellation / change.

(2) After our final confirmation of the hotel, cancellation / change will be subject to the prescribed cancellation fee.

(3) Please check the cancellation fee rules on the package tour and each tour information page.

For tours with special airfares, if the ticket issuance deadline is set before the tour's cancellation date, the ticket will incur a default cancellation fee.

Tickets can be changed or canceled by phone, fax, or email, but if the application is after our business hours, Saturday afternoon, or Sundays and holidays, the application will be considered to be received the next business day.

4.About delivery

(1) Air tickets / hotels
Send by email

(2) Package tour
Handed over at the store or sent by mail

(3) Other products
Send by mail

Please tell me the flow of application

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Please tell me the flow of application